About Blue and the BLUE Method:

What if enough, is not enough? Traditional physical therapy and sports medicine focus on a single physical impairment, after an injury or surgery. It is limited to helping you recover from a single injury in a single body part. For some, this approach to recovery is seen as good enough. But is it?

Whether recovering from an injury or wanting to improve performance and movement, what would it look like to move beyond “enough”? Going beyond enough requires change. Changing the way we think about people and performance. Changing the way we look at movement and health. Changing the way we work to achieve results. BLUE Performance Group is built around the commitment to bring this kind of change to your health and performance.

BLUE stands for “Building Lives, Upgrading Experience” and is based on the philosophy that by changing the way we approach care, we can enhance your performance. By improving how you interact with your most valued piece of equipment (your body), you can move more effectively and powerfully reaching your potential in a shorter period of time.

The Difference:

BLUE seeks to reach people before an injury occurs in order to identify the patterns that led to their current state. The body works as a system. By changing the way we view movement and performance we can identify causes that may not seem related but in fact, may lead to injury in the future. If an injury has already occurred, BLUE works to accelerate recovery and facilitate a return to performance. 

Many people are strong but don’t know how to effectively use the strength they have to achieve their potential.