Every athlete wants to reach his or her highest potential. In order to do this, they need to have the support of an amazing team. This is especially true for athletes who participate in “individual” sports. In my experience, one of the fundamental pillars to this team is a physical therapist that knows: how the body works; cares about me and my goals, and can help keep my body moving properly and injury free! Aaron Knighton meets AND exceeds all of these qualities of an exceptional therapist! I have been working with Aaron for almost two years and because of his help I am still racing professionally after being diagnosed with EILO. He is truly the most amazing physical therapist I have ever worked with and I give him my highest recommendation!

– Danielle Mack: 3x Ironman Champion

As both an athlete and a coach I’ve found Aaron to be a hugely valuable resource to my team. Aaron is really good at taking a fresh approach to injury rehabilitation and injury prevention. Rather than just going and getting treatment for what hurts, when I see Aaron or send athletes to Aaron, I know that he is going to dig in to figuring out what the root cause behind an issue is and we’re going to solve the problem from the ground up. The ability to get deeper than the surface layer leads to greater health long term that is absolutely critical at all levels of sport. Additionally, Aaron is an absolute pleasure to work with!

– Nate Wilson, Performance Director of USA Cycling and Head Coach at Catalyst Coaching

I first found Aaron when I had a severely sprained ankle. I had gone through three different physical therapists who treated me, yet each said that the severity of my ankle damage was beyond their abilities to really help fully heal. I am an Ironman athlete and needed my ankle to be functioning at 100% so that I could not only race but win my races. One of the therapists referred me to Aaron and it was the best advice I had ever been given. After every visit my ankle felt stronger, more flexible, and in less pain than before. Eventually my ankle was ready to race like it had before. Aaron literally saved my racing career. He has so much knowledge about the strain athlete bodies undergo, that all it takes is a few questions from him, and he knows exactly what is wrong and how to treat it. I go back to him every time I have a pain that needs addressing, and I trust him more than anyone to put my body back together when it breaks down. I almost wish my body would break down more because I now consider Aaron a friend and it was great visiting with him at each appointment!

– Annette Rogers: Multiple time Ironman 70.3 Championship age-group qualifier