Team Approach

BLUE Performance Group believes that the best outcomes are achieved through a team approach. BLUE is committed to working with your existing team (coaches, massage therapists, personal trainers, etc) in order to help you achieve your goals and provide the best outcomes. If you are looking for other providers to bring on to your team, BLUE has a continually growing network of like-minded individuals for you to meet and interview in order to find the best fit. 

Who is Aaron?


Hope College: B.A. Business Management
Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences: Doctorate in Physical Therapy
American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy: Post-doctoral Fellowship


Board Certified Specialist in Orthopedic Physical Therapy
Level 2 functional dry needling – kinetacore

I’m Dr. Aaron Knighton, PT, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT. I received my Doctor of Physical Therapy from Mayo Clinic. After graduation, I worked at Craig Hospital in Denver treating individuals who were recovering from spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries. While at Craig, my passion for human performance continued to grow. In response, I pursued a post-doctoral fellowship in manual therapy through Regis University. During this time, I transitioned my focus to working with endurance athletes in Boulder, CO. I quickly realized that manual therapy, when combined with the skills and perspectives I learned at Craig Hospital, can be utilized for more than injury recovery. It equipped me with a unique approach to enhance performance. 

I believe in taking a comprehensive approach to recovery and performance, helping you take ownership of your life and body. Your true potential moves beyond the physical to include tapping into your underlying purpose and larger goals. Reaching these goals sometimes requires changing your daily patterns and routines. These patterns grow into habits and ultimately drive a central purpose in your life. When you connect to what’s most important to you, it causes the momentum you need to attain your goals.

I want to help you discover this purpose and ultimately grow in ownership of your life and body. The first step is to explore the connection between your mind and body. What drives you forward? What holds you back? Unlocking these dynamics creates a pathway to performance.

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